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A Modern Twist on the Maternity Session

There is no "right" way to document your life through photography. I, like most parents, have candid grainy iPhone photos of my babies that mean as much to me as our gorgeous, professional newborn and family images. There are so many options to choose from for professional photography as well: outdoor, in-home, studio, super-posed, lifestyle, documentary... the style options are as limitless as the skillsets and creative vision of the photographers with whom you are choose to work.

I didn't do maternity photos with my pregnancies, but I do know that the flowing-maternity-gown-in-the-desert look would not have felt like *me*. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE seeing (and taking!) those photos of other mamas, but I probably would have been more likely to do some if I had known there was an option that was a little more raw, intimate, and just... different.

I had so much fun shooting these images in a funky little downtown studio with my friend Jess... somehow they just feel so simultaneously classic and modern.

Interested in a studio session? Reach out via my contact page, and we can plan something special and beautiful that feels like "you."

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