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Branding Sessions: Putting Your Best Face Forward

Gone are the days when you needed to book a studio and sit in front of a grey backdrop in an uncomfortable suit in order to update your headshots or get some fresh photos of yourself. Branding sessions allow you to get multiple looks and shots for the wide variety of platforms on which your company, brand, or personal brand is represented. We can work together to create a diverse portfolio of images that reflect your values and what you want people to see, think, and feel when they see your photo: do you want to look confident? Powerful? Approachable? Your images and your brand should reflect that.

Confident woman posing for branding session.

Four Reasons People Get Branding Sessions

  1. They need an updated headshot. People often meet our online persona FIRST: hiring managers, potential clients, even coworkers in the age of remote work... they are often searching for and connecting with an image of us long before they consider meeting us in person. Sure, you can use a selfie or a cropped event photo for your LinkedIn profile, but is that image connotations that you take your career and professional reputation seriously?

  2. They have a public facing job (e.g. realtors, sales managers, bloggers, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs). If you are in a public facing job you may need multiple images and looks that tell the story of who you are and the brand or brands you represent. You may need content images for social media, websites, interviews, articles, products, or speaking engagements.

  3. They are executives or leaders in their industry. If you are a leader in your company or community, your images may appear regularly in various media and social media platforms. Having a diverse portfolio of images allows you to provide different mediums with an image that suits a variety of contexts.

  4. They are dating online. Clients often come to me looking for flattering photos they can use for their online dating profiles. And it makes perfect sense! Of course we'd want to make a great first impression on the the kinds of people we want to connect with on a personal level.

confident woman posing for personal brand portrait

woman leader posing for headshot

How do I book a Personal Branding Session with you?

Reach out via the contact form on the Contact page of my website! We can discuss your company and brand, the types of images you need and want, what to wear for your Branding Session and more.

Looking for a more traditional style of headshots? Something more formal but also a little more modern and polished than a studio session? We can do that! Read more on my post about Updating Your Professional Headshot.

unique headshot of confident woman

confident woman smiling for personal brand photo

confident model posing for headshot

Laura Waugh is a portrait photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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