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Couples Boudoir: A Hot Date and Lasting Memories

How amazing would it be to get to spend an hour connecting intimately with the person you love AND have lasting images to take away?

A couples boudoir photography session is all about documenting the intimacy and love in your relationship. Cuddling, nuzzling, kissing, entangling... we'll capture moments that are quiet and tender, as well as moments that are electric.

Couples boudoir sessions usually occur in a studio to ensure amazing, flattering light, but they can also occur in a clients home or in a private outdoor location. I have a variety of studios I use and love, all with a different vibe that we can discuss in choosing the perfect space for you.

I captured this session with Elisa and Jared in the wonderful Cabin suite at Studio House AZ.

Contact me if you're interested in a Phoenix or Scottsdale couples boudoir session!

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