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How to Prepare for Your Empowerment or Boudoir Session

Hooray, you've booked your boudoir/empowerment session! What a beautiful thing to do for YOU. If you've booked a session with me, you know that an optional pre-session consult is included in your package, so that we can get to know each other and get any questions you have answered. I also have a few general tips for preparing so that you look and feel your best on the day of your sessions!

Tip 1: Plan Your Outfits

Oh, this is a fun part! If you've booked a full session, we'll have time for at least three outfit changes if you'd like: I recommend at least one light and one dark colored set of lingerie so that your gallery has some nice contrast. You may also want to bring a lingerie cover of some sort for some "undress" shots: a robe, a button down shirt, a pair of unbuttoned jeans (bonus: if you have some jitters about your session, this helps us ease into things a bit). If you've booked a mini session, we can do at least one outfit and a cover... you are welcome to bring a second outfit to change into if time permits.

When it comes to choosing flattering lingerie styles, the most important consideration is a good fit: it's worth going into a store and working with a consultant to ensure bra cups are sized properly and that underwear strings don't cut into your skin or bunch from being too small or large. If you feel bashful about your tummy area, go with high waisted panties or a one piece (though its worth doing a few stretches in a one piece to make sure it's not terribly uncomfortable if it pulls between your legs).

Tip 2: Book Hair and Makeup Artists if You Plan to Use Them

Professional hair styling and makeup application isn't necessary, but it can be a fun treat, especially if it makes you feel beautiful. If you would like for your hair or makeup artist to come and work in the studio, let me know: I can give you a rate for extending our studio time to accommodate that prep. Your stylists are even welcome to stay through your session for refreshes.

Tip 3: Prep Your Body

Please, please don't crash diet to prepare for your session. The BEST thing you can do in the months leading up to your session is take some yoga classes and/or circle your hips as though you are hoola hooping for a few minutes every morning. Being able to comfortably and deeply arch your back will make any body look AMAZING, and doing this stretch work will help keep you from being sore the day after your session.

The week before your session, drink lots of water! That hydration will make your skin look especially beautiful.

Tip 4: Think About Your Comfort Levels

I will ask you before your session if there are any certain feelings or tones you want to convey: do you want your session to be solely about body confidence and sensuality, or do you want to tease (or put on full display) your sexuality? This can give me some direction with posing. Do you want to have any images with partial or full nudity, or that tease partial or full nudity (e.g. peekaboos behind a sheet)? You are more than welcome to gauge your comfort level on these things during your session, and to change your mind as you feel more comfortable during your session, but I do like to mention all of this ahead of time so that nothing catches you off guard.

Remember that I will never, ever share your images without your express consent after you see your gallery. This is your opportunity to have images of yourself that make YOU feel beautiful and powerful: you are my co-creator.

If you have any other questions before your session, please ask. My primary goal is to make you feel comfortable and excited, and I am always happy to chat!

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