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When is the Best Time to Book My Newborn Session?

It's the most frequently asked question I get from mamas-to-be: when should I book my newborn shoot, and how do I schedule it?

The first part of that question is simple: as soon as possible. It's not a bad idea to get in touch with a photographer as soon as you know your due date - you want to be sure they will be available when you need them!

The second part of the question, about scheduling, is also pretty simple - and with room for flexibility! I, like many newborn photographers, will take a limited number of newborns per due date month knowing that I can and will accommodate their sessions when they arrive. That means all you need to do is book, have your baby, and then call me when you're ready!

But when should you be "ready"? More below.

parents pose with baby for family newborn session in Phoenix

How Old Should My Baby Be for a Newborn Session?

Most photographers suggest doing your newborn photos between 5-12 days if you want to document all of those teeny tiny newbie details.

My approach is a bit different: I suggest booking when YOU feel ready. If you deliver or adopt your baby and want those very-new details documented, contact me as soon as possible and we can try to arrange something in even the first day or two of baby's life: this is often referred to as a "Fresh 48." The benefit of documenting a super-new baby is that we get to record all of the details and emotions of bringing a new member of your family home.

If you need a moment to catch your breath or heal after your delivery or adoption, go ahead and wait a few days or even weeks! Your baby will still look like a new-newborn for the first two weeks of their life, and will still be very itty bitty for a couple of months! The baby featured in this post was actually 3 months old, and we still captured her in all of her tiny beautiful newness. If you have a confirmed booking with me, I will move mountains to ensure we get your session scheduled in your preferred time frame when you are ready.

One consideration: many babies will develop skin conditions when they're around 3 weeks old (it's hormonal!) - those often last through the first month. While most minor bumps and redness can be addressed in Photoshop if you choose (it's okay to want to preserve the details of your baby's un-re-touched skin!) significant skin rashes may not be editable.

baby smiles at newborn photographer in Phoenix

baby foot in newborn photograph in phoenix

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Are You Available for Newborn Sessions?

Please get in touch! I am more than happy to answer any of your questions about your newborn photography needs and provide more information on my availability! You can reach me through the Contact page on my website.

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Laura Waugh is a lifestyle and documentary family and newborn photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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