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Thinking Outside the Box with Studio Maternity Sessions

I love working in studios for maternity sessions. The light is beautiful and interesting, the studios are usually conveniently located, AND there's easy access to bathrooms (no holding your pee for two hours when you're 35 weeks pregnant!).

Many people envision the old 1990's glamour shots when they think of studio photography, but that is about the farthest thing from what we'll create. I regularly work in a handful of studios that each have their own unique vibes, from "midcentury industrial" to "boho chic" to "bright and modern." You get to choose the one that speaks to you. We'll also talk about the kind of lighting you might prefer - just like shooting outdoors, when you shoot indoors there are times of the day when you might get beautiful soft even light, and times of the day when the light creates all kind of interesting and arty contrast (like we used with this session). Either way, we will make BEAUTIFUL photos that are flattering and interesting and unique.

Ready to book your maternity session in a studio! Contact me through my website and we'll plan a beautiful session that feels like you and documents this amazing chapter.

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