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The Magic of Motherhood Sessions

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Intimate motherhood sessions capture some of my favorite moments between mothers and their children, in all their tenderness, silliness, beauty and sweetness.

mother plays with son for portrait in phoenix family home

Intimate motherhood session can occur in client's homes, a rented studio, or at a quiet outdoor location. Clothing is kept very minimal to promote the bond that occurs with skin to skin contact. I typically recommend natural or neutral colored clothing so as not to distract from client's beautiful bodies and connection.

I provide gentle direction and posing to ensure you are captured in a beautiful, flattering way, but our primary goal is to make space for the natural moments that occur when women are with their children. The activities we capture typically include cuddling, nuzzling, and breast or bottle feeding.

For all photos that include partial or full nudity (including breastfeeding), I will only share images for marketing purposes with the express consent of the client.

Ready to book your intimate motherhood session? Have more questions? Reach out via my contact page!

portrait of mother with sons in uptown phoenix home

baby smiles for camera in uptown phoenix home

breastfeeding portrait in Phoenix home

mother and son cuddle for phoenix family photographer

children play in Phoenix home for family portrait session

mother and sons play in home with phoenix family photographer

motherhood portrait in Phoenix family home

Laura Waugh is a lifestyle and documentary family photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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