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Front and Back Yard Sessions

There really is no place like home. Yard sessions are convenient, fun, and as unique as the families they document.

NEIGHBORHOODS: Because front and back yard sessions are typically mini sessions, I only do them within a 20 minute driving radius of 85013 (approx. Central Ave and Bethany Home Rd). If you aren’t sure if your home falls within that range, please don’t hesitate to ask!

TIMING: As with any portrait location, I need to be able to put the sun behind your family (you don’t want to be staring at the sun or have hard light falling on one side of your faces). This means that if you have your heart set on a portrait of your family in front of your door or with the front of your house behind you, I can only do those shots for North or East facing homes in the evenings, and West facing home in the early mornings. If your home faces South, I may ask you send me a photo of your front yard in the morning and evening to determine the best shooting time. 

Not sure which way your house is oriented? Send me your address and I will diagram which part of your yards we can shoot in and when! 

POOLS: Yes, you can do a pool session! Typically families wear their suits with covers up for a few portraits in the yard or in front of the pool, and then (weather permitting), I'll capture you jumping in and playing in the pool, or having the adults sit poolside while the kids go wild in the water. 

PETS::Well trained pets are welcome to join! If your fur family is energetic or easily scared, I do reserve the right to ask you to leave them inside. Long camera lenses and new people can be very exciting (and sometimes scary) for some animals, which can put my gear (and me) at risk. 

Investment: $275 + tax

Includes: 15+ edited images in a digital gallery

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